yearly and monthly spreads

Hey Guardians! Today I’m going to be showing some yearly and monthly spreads that everyone should try in their bullet journals!

Let’s get started…

  1. A grid spacing page.

Okay, so this one is a lifesaver! You can see how many spaces are on the page, and divide it up into whatever you need, and you only have to do it once! It can save so much time.

2. A Priorities page

Okay, this idea I’m taking credit for. Basically, you write your priorities on some washi tape, and that way you can move it around if something is more important. I like to look at this whenever I get busy so I can know what to do first.

3. Trips and Events

This one is just a page where you can write down all the trips/ events that you have planned for the year.

4. Future Log

I really like using the future log. You can write down certain plans for the specific month, and refer back to this when planning that month.

Monthly Spreads

  1. Movies, Books, Music, and TV Shows.

I started doing this one a little while ago, and I love it! Basically you just write all the movies, books, music, and TV shows that you experiences during the month. It’s fun to look back on it.

2. Brain Dump

I actually find this one very useful. This one is used to put everything that doesn’t have a place. Like, you want to remember to feed the dog, but it doesn’t really fit with your monthly goals? Put it here.

3. Habits

Basically you just think of some things that you’d like to make habits of. Check off each day of the month that you do those things.

4. Moods

If I was in my own bullet journal, I would give this a seperate page, but since I hate to waste space, I added it in on the Habit page. Anyway, you can color each day for your different moods, and look back and see how you felt that month.

5. A monthly overview

For the final spread, I’m going to show you a monthly calendar. This is very useful, and I use this to plan out all the events of the month. I also put a heart on days I need to do a blog post so I remember.

That all for today! What spreads do you think everyone should try?

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