how to theme

Hello Guardians! I have a quick little Bullet Journal tutorial for you all today, and that is how to come up with a theme!

One of the first things you can do is pick some colors. I normally use 2-3.

Contrasting colors look good together, and so do different shades of the same color.

Then, I like to choose fonts. I drew five different fonts that I typically use, and I like to combine them. The rule of thumb for combining fonts, is opposites attract.

Then, I like to come up with doodles. First, come up with a theme, then come up with some related doodles. I drew some examples.

Finally, put it all together!

This is a fruit theme, with 3 main colors. The doodles are all fruit, and I used a calligraphy font. I think it looks pretty sweet, don’t you?

Did this help you come up with a Bullet Journal theme? Let me know if you want more Bullet Journal tutorials!

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