mmwe feb 2020

Hello friends! Eden is back to make a post for BAB Takeover Week! It’s been a long time since Eden made one of these, so in case you didn’t know, Eden refers to herself in third person, and she adores crafts! Today, I will be showing you guys how to make 5 different Valentines for Valentine’s Day!

You will need red and pink markers, paper, washi tape, blue markers, a couple brush pens, scissors, a black pen, and a pink pen.

For the first one, you need to cut out a heart.

Color the heart a light pink.

Finally, write the person’s name on the heart. Ta-da!

For the second one, start by cutting a rectangle out of the paper.

Fold it in half.

Draw a littla heart, and write “Happy Valentine’s Day!” on it.

Color it in with a little blue(because some people don’t like red and pink), and you’re done!

Cut out a small rectangle for this one.

Add some pretty washi tape to the edge…

and write a little message on it! That’s all for that one!

For number 4, trace a circle.

Cut it out.

Use a brush pen to write a little note, and then add some color.

What do you think of number 4?

Ok, so for the last one, you first cut out a rectangle. Then, you can write “reasons I love you” on it.

Next, fill it out with all the reasons why you love that person. I really like this one!

Ta-da! Here are the 5 valentines! Which do you like best?

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