Golden hair

Let’s face it-I am really bad with coming up with titles. Golden Hair? Really? But looking through my other photoshoots, it seems I have always had this problem. Anyway, don’t leave on account of the title, because this photoshoot of Summer looks pretty nice.

One of the reasons I like Summer so much is because of her hair. It’s so much fun to style!

Her hair used to be very tangled, but I fixed it up good as new.

Summer is Rapunzel’s cat, and you can definitely tell!

How many of you have heard of the Palace Pets? Because before Build a Bear came out with them? I hadn’t.

Honestly though, the idea of all the princesses having pets is a pretty good one.

Summer is a friendly cat, she tries to become friends with everyone she meets.

She also loves the summer(and not just because she’s named after it)

Her new favorite thing to do in the summer is attend Camp Happy Heart as a counselor.

She loves Disney, and if you couldn’t guess, her favorite movie is Tangled.

I really like this photo of Summer.

Summer also likes to invent some words occassionally. Like, yayzies! or something like that.

I hope you enjoyed looking through the photos of Summer! Let me know who else you’d like to see a photoshoot of!

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