babad carol

Hey. You might know me. I’m Captain Marvel.

Or, I guess you can call me Carol. Whichever you prefer.

You might know me from a little movie called Captain Marvel. But, I’m a little different than in the movies.

But I mean, there are also a lot of similarites too. I did save the world you know.

One thing that’s similar is that I really love to fly my ship. Ever since I got my spaceship, I haven’t stopped traveling to new planets.

I really like the stars, and I have a particular interest in astronomy and constellations.

Sometimes, I wish I was just a normal bear with a normal life. Like how it used to be.

But then I remember, I’m Captain Marvel. And if I don’t save the world, who will?

See this? This is the actress who played in my movie. But that’s all she is, an actress. She’s not the REAL Captain Marvel like I am…

I really do make saving the world look easy.

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