Wi-fi free zone

It was a fine Friday morning. It was a holiday, so the kids were off school. They were very excited.

Mommy called all the kids into the room.

Before long, they were all gathered together.

“What do you need Mommy?” Cali asked.

“Today, this house will be a Wi-Fi free zone! I want you guys to go the whole day without using your phones and electronics! I’m going to be turning off the Wi-Fi today.” Mommy explained.

“That’s okay. I have lots of movies downloaded on my phone,” Candy explained.

Mommy laughed. “You guys are all going to put your electronics in a bucket. Go get them!”

Once all of the kids returned, they began to put their electronics in Mommy’s bucket.

Candy put her device in the bucket.

“Candy…” Mommy said. “I know you have more than that,”

“No I don’t!” Candy retorted.

“Candy, I can see your phone and iPad in the back of your dress.

“Okay,” Candy sighed, placing her devices in the bucket.

She then threw herself on the floor. “My life is over!” she cried.

“Oh come on,” Mommy began. “It’s not that bad. I’m sure you guys can find something to do.”

Mommy then went into the other room.

*five minutes later*

“I’m so bored!” Cloud pouted. The feeling was mutual.

“We could go outside and play?” Chip suggested.

“It’s raining,” Cherie countered.

“I just really miss my phone,” Candy whimpered.

“We could…” Cherry began. “We could make a plan to get our phones back!”

“I like that idea,” Cloud agreed.

“Let’s do it!” Cherry yelled.

The kids all gathered to discuss their plan. Since Cherry was good at this sort of stuff, she came up with the plan.

“First,”Cherry began. “Cali and Cloud will distract Mommy.”

“Then, Sandy and I will break in to the room where she’s keeping the phones. Sandy will keep watch,”

“And I, will do a super cool spy flip and get the phone.”

“Ta-da!” Cherry exclaimed. “If we only take one phone, Mommy won’t notice.”

After the plan had succeeded, the kids gathered around the phone.

“What do we do now?” Cali asked. “I kind of don’t feel like using the phone.”

“I know what we can do now!” Cherry exclaimed. “We can sneak in and put the phone back!”

“First, Candy will go into the room of phones, acting like she wants to take back her phone,”

“Mommy will take her out of the room to punish her,”

“And then Chip and Cherie will go into the room,”

“They’ll put the phone back in the bucket,” Cherry explained. “And we’ll have succeeded!”

Once they were done, the kids gathered in a group hug. “We did it!” they chanted.

Not too long later, Mommy came into the room. “Since the day is almost over, I brought back your phones. You guys must be dying to use them after going all day without them!” Mommy announced.

“Um, yeah, something like that,” Candy said, as all of the kids shared a secret smile.

And with that, the Stone’s day without electronics was over.

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