bullet journal 2020

Hey Guardians! You guys really seemed to enjoy my bullet journal post, so I figured I would share my 2020 set-up! I know some of you are thinking about starting a bullet journal, so I hope this can inspire you with yours!

Oh yeah, remember how I had you guys vote? I was already leaning toward purple, and you guys all voted for it too. Yeah, so this year I have a purple bullet journal! I think it looks really nice.

I’m going for a galaxy theme this year, and I really like the title page! I used a piece of galaxy scrapbook paper and drew some stars and “2020” on it with a white gel pen. I think it turned out pretty nice…

Here’s my index. Nothing special…

A key. I added a lot of stars…

I got these two page ideas from AmandaRachLee, and I think that I will use them a lot!

The first one is a grid spacing page(so like, the number of squares on a page, dividing the page into half, thirds, etc.) and the second is a list of ways to cover mistakes. I have already used this one…a lot.

Here I have a list of supplies that I use, and theme ideas.

A reference page for headers and dividers.

My New Years Resolutions and Priorities! I used the same priority format as last year, but I gave myself less resolutions. I’ll have a post on that later…

A page for scriptures of the year, and things that make me happy. I think these two will turn out better than last year.

Books and Movies to experience this year…

A couple of (empty) music pages.

Gift Ideas and a Wishlist.

A list of places I’d like to go, and planned trips(which are none…;()

This one is probably only valid for me, but I have a list of T-shirts. What? I find it really helpful for reference.

And here is a list of stories about the Stones! The highlighted ones are complete.

Here’s another thing for reference… *heh heh* I actually don’t have a lot of Yoga Pants, but I like knowing what colors I have for packing lists.

I actually found this kind of therapeutic to do. Basically whenever I’m going through a trial, I write it down, and then also write down when it gets resolved. The resolution is what I normally focus on, and I guess this just helps me have a little bit of a more positive attitude.

A Cleaning schedule…

Ooh! Here we have my blog planning spreads! I have 2 pages for IH12OP,

2 for BABF,

1 for YouTube(I’d like to grow my channel this year.)

and a Miscellaneous one.

This is the first year that I did a future log, but I think it will be very useful.

Okay, here’s the part that I’m really excited for – January’s spreads! I came up with the mermaid theme myself, and I think it looks REALLY cool.

My monthly overview…

To-do/goals. As you can see, I don’t really have a lot so far.

My blogging page,

I’m really liking my moods and habits this month. I decided to switch over to doing monthy moods, instead of yearly. It’s much easier to keep up with.

I came up with this idea to list all my books, TV, Music, and Movies of the month. I think it’s a really good idea. I also really like doing a brain dump.

Then, I have a meal calendar and playlist(that is empty…) I kinda think I’ll quit doing the playlists.

Then, I have two pages for doodling! I’m excited to fill this up.

I’m really proud of how my bullet journal set-up for 2020 turned out. What do you guys think?

Do you have a bullet journal?

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