smallfry sat

Hey guys! It’s me, Swirl here with another Small-Fry Saturday! (actually, it’s only the second…)

We had a lot of fun with this one! A long time ago, an awesome stuffie blogger came up with a really fun challenge! We of course participated, but that was a while ago, so we decided to do it again! It’s the Photofunia Challenge!

Even though we did it a while ago, we have new photos to add. We tried to include one of each Small-Fry, but we also included some of all of us. I hope you enjoy!

Here is us having a pool party at Camp Happy Heart!

This is from the Harry Potter post in CHH, and I think it fits very nicely.

Look! Doesn’t it look like this little girl is drawing Cherie on a whiteboard?

Claire is in a world famous art museum!

Here’s a film strip from when we played soccer.

Ooh, this cross-stitching project looks nice!

Chip wrote his own book, The Great Outdoors.

Oops? It looks like Cloud and Mischief got caught doing some TP-ing…

Here’s a wonderful fim production, called Small-Fry Saturday.

Cherry is a galaxy!

Sparkles is on the cover of a book about us.

Rudy became a SHIELD agent recently.

What would you do if you saw Cloud on a truck?

Candy wants to offer you all a coin from the Royal Republic of Candy.

Here are my Christmas cards for this year! They have me all over them…

This street artist is having great success at painting Gracie.

Well, we knew it was only a matter of time before Mischief made the front page news.

It’s snowing!

Finally, we have this lovely sketch of Petal playing the guitar!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you make anything on photofunia, let me know!

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