Hello Guardians! I hope you are all having a nice day today.

You guys really seemed to like my last sketchbook post, and since I have some more old drawings, I thought I would share them with you all. I hope you enjoy some of my old artwork!

This is a rough sketch of a dollhouse that I wanted, but of course, I never got. My handwriting looks pretty bad here…

Here are some sketches of some clothes I was going to sew for my dolls. I actually sewed some of them!

Like this one. It didn’t look as good on the doll as on paper though.

Here are some hair drawings.

Ok, so i used to do this thing where I would draw something without looking. This was supposed to be a hot air balloon, but it looks more like a cupcake, or a muffin.

I used to make a lot of Mickey Mouse ears, and these are my designs for some.

This was a drawing of some clothes that my dolls used to have.

I’m not entirely sure what this is, but it’s certainly colorful.

This is an interesting flower.

I think this looks pretty cool…

Another flower…

I traced some pins and colored them…

I guess this is a sky, and some eyes?

Here’s a little headless person…

More hair.

An umbrella that looks pretty sad…

Some more hair, and, is that a pile of poo?

I drew these Disney characters from a how to draw tutorial.

Same here.

Wow, I drew a lot of eyes. Some of these are actually pretty creepy.

I don’t even know who all of these are.

Ok, I think, that these are some characters that I made up.

This is a pretty cool sketch.


Here is an unfinished drawing of space.

I was planning to draw each of my dolls, but I only finished this one.

However, I did sketch this one! I think it looks pretty good.


Here are two candy canes…

This is kinda creeepy…

Also unfinished though.

Ok, here’s a more recent sketchbook!

It’s Groot!

Here’s a bunch of different headers.

Finally, we have this drawing of a dress!

What did you think? Which drawing was your favorite?

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