How to bullet journal

Hey Guardians! In case you couldn’t already tell, I’m going to be showing you guys how to start Bullet Journaling! Now, I like to begin at the start of the year, but you can really start anytime.

I also recommend doing some research on some different spreads to know which ones you’d like to try.

One of the VERY first things I like to do, is make a title page! For example, this journal is for examples, so I added that on the title page. Don’t worry if you mess up, you can just cover it with scrapbook paper.

The second thing to is to add a key. Here is a typical key, but I did add a few of my own. You can customize it however you like.

Also, if you aren’t familiar with the key, I recommend this method. You can tape the paper to the cover, and…

Fold it out whenever you need it! It can be very useful.

The next thing you do, is set up an index. This is basically a table of contents.

Here is another thing – supplies. You can use any mixture of supplies that you want, but you will definitely need a notebook and a pen! For the notebook, you can use a grid, dots, lined, or even blank! I recommend using dots, simply because I think it looks the nicest.

Supplies I use include:

A regular pen

Crayola Super-Tips

Tombow Brush Pens (hard and soft)

Tombow Dual Brush pens

Washi Tape


Colored Gel pens

White Gel pens


Scrapbook Paper



Here are some places you can go for inspriation:

YouTube Videos


Blog Posts(here are my Bullet Journal posts!)

Research Spreads

and, Learn Calligrahphy.

You will also need to find out which spreads you want to use. I listed the ones that I currently use, but if you can’t read the picture, just go to my 2019 bullet journal post.

Let me know if you decide to start a bullet journal!

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