Village Photoshoot

Hello Guardians(or Galaxies, or Stars, or something! Today I have a photoshoot of our Christmas village!

Here’s an overview. I’m very proud of how full it looks this year! It’s been a long process to fill it up, but I think it’s almost complete(we might get some more little pieces here and there…)

Here it is lit up!

This family is out shopping.

I love all the details on the bigger pieces.

Like, there are actually bikes inside the window? Attention to detail? Yes.

Here’s a Santa ringing a bell.

This is one of our newest pieces, a Walmart! We needed a store, okay?

The town Christmas tree.

These people are on a sleigh ride.

The Village school.

These people are waiting outside the pet shop with their pets.

This was a really great find at Walmart, it was only $2! We picked up a few different ones like this.

Here’s the pet shop! I think this is our oldest piece.

And outside, there is a boy playing with his dog.

I mean, you’ve got to have a church in a village!

I feel like I’m improving my miniature photography skills.

Here’s another $2 piece, a restaurant.

This may just be my favorite piece, the hotel!

See, there are people inside! The details are so incredible.

A toy store.

Here’s a man camping.

This piece is pretty cool. He’s snowboarding, and there’s a spring, so he’s actually in the air.

These two kids staying cozy by the fire.

Ok, maybe this is my favorite piece… It’s an outhouse, and that’s my sense of humor for you.

Here are Mickey and Minnie skating. In the village, let’s pretend they’re statues, okay?

This is honestly just a snowglobe, but it kind of looks like an ice sculpture, so I included it in the village this year.

These kids are sledding.

And this little guy is making a snow angel.

Ah, I’ve saved the best for last, the town Nativity. We definitely needed a piece to represent the Savior and everything Christmas represents.

Do you have a Christmas village? Which piece was your favorite?

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