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Hey guys! We recently went to Universal, and I took a LOT of pictures. Like, a lot. However, I’ve selected a few that I want to share with you guys! I’ll also be sharing a few experiences that we had while we were there. Let’s get started!

We took this Christmas tree as decor for the room. The room was pretty great actually. We purchased a 1-bedroom room for under $300 and that was a pretty good deal, but then when we got there they gave us a $175 gift card to anywhere, a 2-bedroom room, and they gave us a $30 credit on the room. There was a timeshare presentation involved though…

The adventure begins…

We seemed to meet a lot of characters this trip.

Harry Potter land was pretty cool.

I really liked Grinchmas. The Grinch was really funny!

I love the parade so much.

It’s unlike any parade I’ve ever seen in person before.

We went to Disney Springs, and that was a lot of fun! We completed Stitch’s Holiday Hunt.

We also enjoyed the Tree Trail. I think the Star Wars tree was my favorite…

If you want to see more about the tree trail, check out my other blog!

We ate at Rainforest Cafe too!

I love this Spongebob store…

I thought it was kind of interesting that they dressed the characters up for Christmas.

I LOVED this Christmas tree. LOVED it. And I think you guys will too…

Anyway, but the night before we left, we found out that Universal had a Tree Hunt! It was really cool, because you could go across the two parks and get a passport stamped at each tree. At the end, they give you a plastic ornament. It was also really nice just to see all of the different trees that were decorated.

We watched the Harry Potter Christmas tree. I still just think that the Hogwarts castle is a horrible place for shows, but this one was better than some of the other ones.

This was a really awesome tree! It was at the Chocolate Factory.

We met Donkey and he was soooo funny! I would totally recommend it if the line isn’t too long.

Squidward was hilarious! He acted very much like the character on the show.

Basically, we were outside waiting for something, and Squidward could tell that no one was waiting to see him. He could see us through the window, and he pointed to us, and then pointed to him. We of course went to get our photo with him, but then we were still waiting whenever we were done. So, Squidward decided to come out and figure out why we were just waiting. It was so hilarious!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip. It was a lot of fun.

What would you most like to do at Universal?

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